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Open Jump in Hyperspace means free training

By purchasing a single ticket you will have the chance to use all these equipment

Free Jump

The Free Jump is great to warm up and start with the first stunts on a series of elastic trampolines, inclined and different size. It’s your first step to become familiar with the elastic equipment.

Balance Area

The balance training stimulates self-awareness of the body and is the first step to be able to properly perform the sporting activity, acrobatic or not. The presence of static and oscillating elements allow to develop motor skills of static and dynamic balance.

Area equilibrio


In Hyperspace the Dodgeball court is entirely built on trampolines: an excellent training for those who practice it in a competitive or amateur way and an incentive to discover this sport, still unknown to many people.

Ninja Warrior

The Ninja Warrior circuit is designed to develop strength, endurance, agility and speed. A succession of obstacles and balance tests, an intense training that can be modulated depending on your athletic preparation level.

Cardio Walls

The Cardio Walls are an innovative and effective way to do aerobic exercise at low or high intensity: they offer the possibility of training depending on the athletic preparation level.

Slam Dunk

In this area it is possible to strengthen muscles and agility, while developing coordination, timing and sense of space.

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Motor skills are fundamental for psycho-physical health and for the children’s development and growth. That’s why in Hyperspace we decided to build a miniature gym, which we call FIRST JUMP AREA.

It is separated from the Jump Arena and has an independent entrance: children who are not 6 years old yet can access exclusively this area, accompanied by a parent. The accompanying person will not bear the cost of the ticket, he must buy only the technical socks for trampoline, if not already owned.

The area is designed in a catchy way, you will find materials to grab, pull, throw, handle, places to jump and structures to hang on, suitable for motor play.

This area is specially designed to develop:

  • Manual skills
  • Mobility
  • Balance
  • Relationship

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